Katsu Burger Opens in Factoria

Calling all burger lovers! Stephanie Kang of Katsu Burger is bringing the Katsu love to Factoria replacing her former restaurant Kimchi Amigos. The new establishment will include the same menu as her other locations which include burgers, fries, and shakes. Customers will be able to substitute at no charge for beef, pork, chicken, or tofu in their burger and make it a “Ichi-ban” or “Ni-ban” or “Sumo size it” to make it a combo, which includes fries, wasabi coleslaw or snack sized pieces of natural chicken breast or natural pork cutlet with your choice of one sauce or dipping. Make sure to try the nori fries!

If it’s your first time at Katsu Burger, here are some pointers. First off, it’s a Japanese take on burgers, so no complaining or whining about the sauce not being ketchup and mustard. The sauces on the burgers will be Japanese Mayo and Japanese Tonkasu sauce which is similar in flavor to BBQ sauce. Secondly, all burgers are 100% grass fed beef and natural meats to their unique house-made sauces. Thirdly, go check your jaw, you’ll need to open wide.

Katsu Burger
Katsu Burger
12700 SE 38th Street in Bellevue.

Photo credit: Katsu Burger Facebook

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