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Vivo 53 Now Open at the Bellevue Collection

Vivo 53 is officially open (prior Boom Noodle location in downtown Bellevue) at the Bellevue Collection. First timers can expect to experience crust like nothing before, its proprietary crush is made with quality ingredients and an exclusive dough making process results in a well-structured, flavorful, yet light crust which can stand up to rich imported cheeses and cured meats.  It is crackling, well-seasoned, a treat worthy of eating all by itself.

vivo 53

Along with decadent pizza’s, guests can enjoy pastas that are equally as compelling.  Each made with durum pasta, cooked al dente and awash in robust, tangy house made tomato sauces and artisan cheeses. Our signature pasta dish is our pasta Cremosa Pentola. As a final touch each Pentola is finished with fresh shaved Provola and Mozzarella di Buffalo. This is then rushed directly to the table resulting in a piping-hot, smooth, and velvety pasta with bold flavors which is delightfully entertaining to share.


504 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, WA 98004

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