David Barton Gyms Close Overnight, Ceases Operations

DavidBartonGyms have pulled the plug overnight and will close up shop today. This includes eight locations, owned and operated by Club Ventures, in Bellevue, New York, Boston, Chicago and Miami. Four locations will remain open in Las Vegas, L.A. and Honolulu—which are owned by a separate legal entity, Meridian Sports Club, LLC.

The closures are due to high price of rental real estate and more competition from boutique gyms, the rep added. “There is severe competitive pressure. The fitness industry has gone through substantial changes with the opening of boutique gyms and studios.”

Here’s the email that was sent to gym-goers:

We are very sorry to inform you that Club Ventures, which owns and operates certain DavidBartonGym facilities, is discontinuing operations at facilities in New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, and Bellevue, effective immediately. We deeply regret that your club location is included in this group and is now closed.

The difficult decision to close was necessitated by changing forces in the fitness industry, including the rise of boutique studios and tremendous competitive pricing pressures in these markets. The company could no longer sustain its operations given the current competitive environment.

We deeply regret any hardship or inconvenience this situation may cause you. There was simply no other answer but to close these facilities. You will have an opportunity at a future date and time to retrieve any personal items that may remain in your gym locker.

The Bravern has seen a handful of businesses close in recent years such as: Blue Martini and Artisanal.


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