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Amazon Books Coming to Bellevue Square

Amazon Books is coming to Bellevue Square this fall.

This is an exciting time to see this concept expand to the Eastside. The direction to open a physical bookstore may be more than getting locals to buy books. With the expansion of Amazon Hardware over the past few years, devices like the Amazon Echo, the Fire Stick, and the Kindle will become more valuable and attracting to customers as they will be able to touch and feel them inside the stores. This seems like a great strategy to position itself as a retail shop to test and showcase more even products to their customer base. Amazon has been testing a new technology and checkout experience called Amazon Go which allows customers (employees only right now) to walk through the doors and have a cashless purchasing experience. This can be applied to the retail experience in a few years where a customer can potentially walk in and purchase a Kindle without autonomously.

Due to popular demand of Amazon, Physical book retailers have closed their doors over the past few years such as Borders, Waldenbooks, Brentanos, and Waldenbooks. This opens up a large opportunity for Amazon to build out a strategy of retail stores throughout the country. The combination of a strong internet channel like with a brick-and-mortar presence will create an ecosystem like never before.

Amazon Books in Bellevue Square is hiring, see jobs here.



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